Maria Power was a 9 year old girl that was abused and beaten up by her parents Dick & Bellatrix.She had green eyes and red long wavy hair. She also had a brother that was 7 years old that was named Mario Power. She would always call her brother "BOI" She absoloutley adored the game "Minecraft" obviously because of her parents always grounding her for the littlest of reasons she secretly plays on her brothers computer. Her brother told on her for playing on his computer without anyone's permission. Maria's parents were furious. Dick wacked her with his belt and Bellatrix stomped on her with her high heels. Maria was all covered in bruises that were sometimes red sometimes blue. She couldn't stop her addiction with Minecraft. It was like a drug. Maria decided to play Minecraft on her brother's computer but her parents found her sneaking out of her room. Her parent's decided to lock her in the closet in their room so they would see when she gets out. They would never give her food. One day her parents weren't in their room so she sneaked out and went to her brother's room to play some Minecraft. When she entered the room she found her parents gossiping about how much they despised Maria. They noticed her standing in the doorway and now they made the decided it's finally time to kill her. They led her to her brother's pool to drown her. She let out horrible screams but no one cared about it. They splashed her on the pool and waited 5 long minutes so she can drown. She drowned... She now haunts Minecraft because it was the reason she drowned. When she killed the person with her fir breath she would always say "You shouldn't have made that mistake BOI" and "You now have bad luck, don't you?"

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