jst lyk they some times tell u tht manie hands mayk lites work i tell u in the same vane that manie scares make frites work as in you wil be evan more fritened if theres moar scares in a storie so here i am the 1 and only anarkick opparations to tell u annather tail of horer

onece up on a time i was in my haus witch was large bcuz i m rich and guess what i have a ps4 and an xbox one 1 that play games in 4k yes i got it erly bcuz i m rich enyway it was a dark nite and the lites was not work bcuz we had zero electrickery from the rains so in the dark i play my wii u sports resort i like nintendo anyway i hear a crash which i think is litening but in fakt it waz ackshually mi whin dough braking from a introodar so from feer i hid under my bed and tried to kontakt the orthoritees but doo to the powar be in out i coul not use my mobile phone but soddenly the rain it ceezed to ekcyst and the introodar disapeered but i cold not find mi mum or ded i think they must have died or peraps thy also disapered like the introodar i gues we will nevar no

the end plz tell me wht u think

Written by Anarchic Operations