Once upon a time, I was walking in a cave in Yellowstone National Park. I stumbled over a rock, and carved on the rock was MARIODETH.exe. I picked up the rock, and underneath it was a SNES cartridge with MARIODETH written on it. Being the stupid idiot that I am, I brought the cartridge home with me. I plugged it into my SNES, and the game started. I felt a strange feeling about the start screen. Being the stupid idiot that I am, I did not notice the Mario face was bloody. Being even stupider and more idioter than I already was, I decided to press play. My SNES exploded! All the power in my house went out! It turned out a fuse had blown at the EXACT same time my SNES blew up (how coincidental). I replaced the fuse, and the rest of the evening went quite well.

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