I find darkness to be very… comforting. I decided to take the reins of darkness and ride. Away. Away from that horrible light. The light drives all my friends away. My… friends. Them. They’re not real, I do try my best, however, to ignore them. I behave. But they always smile…. _ __My apologies, I seem to have trailed off. May I please ask you a question? Are you afraid? Yes, the darkness. If you are, please don’t be. If you’re afraid… sit down. Relax. Look all around you. Accept it. It’s here, there, everywhere. It listens. Why are you afraid? Darkness comforts you at night when you sleep. The end will come soon, for the world and you. Darkness will be there, to carry you. Where? Only a few people know. I would love to meet them myself. If you aren’t afraid of the dark. Well done. Well done. Have you met your friend yet? Is it there waiting for you in your room? You should meet it. Behave though. Don’t touch.You don’t want to startle IT. It could be here, there, anywhere. And it always, wears a smile. Darkness is the only luxury you need.