Hi, my name is Justin and here's my story

Im a total nerd for mario and sonic i just played sonic.exe and was trying to calm down so I went to the homebrew channel and started to play mario 64 I turned on the game and I saw something a little off it said luigi 64 it creeped me out and I thought about it the man who gave me the wii said it was hacked so I thought it was just a hack i entered file 1 and started playing and it got even creeper he had 666 stars but I just thought it was a glitch I started playing all the goombas looked scared of me and ran away from me i was luigi at the time and beat the level I the key to mario's room when I went to his door the text box appered it said open this door and you'll see my little seacret it asked if I want to open the door I said  yes and it opened the door mario was hanging  from a rope the text said this is my game now by luigi

PS: see you in HELL

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