Dear Diary,

So I Was Dating this boy named Justin. To me Evenytning was okay unit one day. I was talking to him on Kik and we was talking about how we never talk to each in school. Then I went on and I Seen a girl page from school and I Go on her page. I look at her bio and it saud "in a redasnipan witn Justin (:" I was like OMG! I Didn't say anything to him. I said let me wait for school tom. I seen them at school and he was walking around with her and he will walk by me like we just wasn't dating. The worst part is that when he told me "hold on" that very min that when he ask her out. I didn't even find out from him soical from social madic and that hurts so much....I feel like Killing Him-Bye Dairy

To Be Continued...

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