I brought L4D on Steam, But the title says Left 4 Dicks. When the game finished installing, the start-up screen showed 2 men fucking eachother to death! euugh! After the loading screen was finished, It then showed men and women gangbanging eachother, I was like "What the fuck?" But I didn't really care about that, After I chose my naked character and when the game started, It showed Bill's bruised naked body in a bloody wrestling ring with the naked bruised, scarred, bleeding crowd everywhere screaming and cheering. Bill, in a crouched position yelling "FRANCIS! COME AND PUT YOUR DICK IN MY BUTTHOLE YOU FUCK!" and Francis fucked him and then Louis, Zoey and the other characters from Left 4 Dead 2 then came and gang banged each other in the ring. Then they turned and looked at me, And then Nick said "Hey! Let's bang this asshole! Come on guys!" Then they broke through my pc screen and with my mum and our whole family they took us back into the pc and we were all fucked to joy. The crowd were the other victims that were pulled into the pc.

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