Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

my eyes open, darkness, silence, slowly my eyes ajust, where am I? The first question that popped into my mind. It was quikly answerd by a shaddy figure but that just made more questions.”we’re here” I could start to make out the figure although it was blurry.”Just hold on” a calm but shakey voice said, it was a womens voice. my hands where numb and covered in blood, a light, a blinding light, appeared from a broken window. the light made it easy to see, I was in a mansion. The woman wanderd into another room and i heard shouting. She came back with bandages and slowly but them around my head. I tried gettimg up but failed, A man comes out of the back room with a blood coverd baseball bat in his left hand.” So he’s alive?” says the man “Surprisingly after you hit him” “Hey i thought he was turning…” “Have you been able to find emily?” says the women to change subject “no… she…she’s still missing…” “kid get up” she says to me, I slowly get up the man shakes hands with me “ay im jason… sorry for breaking the rules” what rules… I remember now open the door get on the floor/everybody walk the dinosour

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