Note: I did not create this story and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

I was only 13 and I thought I saw the most disturbing thing that I'll ever see in my entire life.

The middle school I went to was right across the street from a day care center where my little brother, Theo, went to every weekday afternoon.

I was walking out of the school, ready to go onto the bus to take me home, when I saw a strange man leaning against a white, windowless van sitting in front of the day care center. I didn't think much of him, as I thought that he was a parent of one of the children that went there. But then I noticed Theo looking over at the man and running up to him and hugging him,

"My, my, you sure seem to be a little low," said the man, "would you like some candy from my van?"

Theo got out of the man's hold and ran towards the van doors.

"Just pick out anything you like, Theo"

That startled me. I never saw that man before, and he knew my little brother's name. I was skeptical and started walking slowly towards Theo and the man.

As Theo was trying to get into the van to "pick out his candy", the man looked at me coming towards him. He pushed Theo into the van, shut the door and sped off.

I never saw my little brother again after that.

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