I was spending the night at a friend's house. When it was 12:43 AM, me and my friend were telling spooky stories, until my friend told me a scary story about Kevin the Murderer. Here's how the story went:

There was a kid in the 1900's named Kevin. Kevin was a bad child, usually beating up kids and stealing. In his adult years, Kevin would murder and rob. One year, Kevin was at the woods, looking for a new home. Until one of Kevin's old classmates sliced off Kevin's private parts then stripped him naked then left him to die. He is now a white figure with long claws.

The next day, I got onto the bus to school, and I saw a white figure, following me and the bus. Even during class he


was looking at me. I was walking home with my friends and a neighbor when the same figure followed me with a knife. The figure killed the neighbor with his claws (to scratch him) and a KNIFE. Me and my friends ran away, luckily not getting killed.

I was terrified.

The next day, I saw all but one of my friends dead, together and the room was full of blood. I called the cops, but the cops don't know who the murderer was, and was careless with their job. They left after saying that they don't know who the murderer was. I yelled to help, and the cops refused.

I was crying. While I was crying, I was dragged to some woods. It was Kevin, and I screamed. Kevin got a knife and stabbed a girl named Annabelle, then a boy named Dan (well Kevin scratched Dan really hard), and then he stabbed me. I screamed for help, and luckily someone came and shot a gun at him and Kevin ran away.

What I remembered was at the hospital near Annabelle. She stared and me and then went to sleep. It took a few months to recover, but I don't have to worry about Kevin again. Sadly, Dan died from his injuries.

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