Hi my name's Blake. I'm 14 years old and I kill. Yeah, yeah I know what your thinking oh god another copy of jeff the killer bla bla bla bla! Well guess what I'm nothing like him. Anyway he's just a story anyway (no offence to people who believe he's real or fangirls). So yeah this is my story.

My father's a comedian. He's also very famous and rich. Anyone who see's him or listens to one of his jokes will think he's a jolly young man. But deep inside him is a burning hatred. It's very hard to believe but it's true! He has hated me since the day I was born. There's no blaming him though. Anyone who sets there eyes on me will think I'm a monster.

When I was born I was different to a normal baby. Instead of having the features of my mom and dad I had blood red eyes and jet black hair. My parents don't have any of those features (especially the red eyes). When my father set his nutmeg eyes to my horrifying red eyes he said I was a monster. He couldn't put me to foster care since it would ruin his reputation. So he had to keep me. But ever since I was born I was only given scraps to eat and I was beaten daily. In school I did learn about this thing called childline but it didn't really help.

Why? Well one day I was just about to call them and then my dad came bursting through the door and smashed my phone. Then he shouted at me saying "IF YOU FUCKIN' CALL THEM YOU'LL BE DEAD BEFORE THEY COULD GET HERE!". I mean how the hell did he know I was going to call them?!? Now that I think about it my maid probably told him. I hate both of them. My maid isn't very nice either. She was hired to make sure I didn't do anything stupid. After all my dad wanted a perfect child. But instead they got me. So deal with it dad if your still alive.



This Story was at Creepypasta Land wiki. But due to not being creepy it got put to this wiki

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