There is a very weird website out there called

Nope, this is not a spelling error. There actually are 9 w's in the url address. The website consists of weird links and images that can be found by clicking on different links on the website. You can read about the history of this website here.

I sometimes like looking at how absurd the website is. However, I've lately experienced something terrifying about the website. Apparently, there is a certain page on the website that causes disastrous side effects to whoever views it. It's just incredibly hard to find that page. I'm not sure if the link is just really small or it's buried very deep in it.

This page of the website was first discovered by my friend, Arnold. We were hanging out when he was using it in his free time. Suddenly, he said "Hm, I've never seen this link before". He clicked on it, and then, he started screaming. I asked him what was going on, but he just kept screaming non-stop. Suddenly, blood started oozing out of his eye sockets. I turned my computer off. He was put in a mental hospital shortly afterwards. He died 4 days later due to a fatal heart attack.

When I got home, I decided to use my computer again. When I opened up "Google Chrome", a message said "Google Chrome didn't shut down correctly. Restore pages?" Whatever made Arnold die was only a click away for me. I was thinking of doing it, but I deleted the message. I was afraid that whatever happened to my friend would happen to me. However, I know that is on there somewhere. I've beeen looking through the website for quite some time in hopes of finding it. I need to find out what it was that killed my friend.

As for the website, here it is. Good luck.

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