hi my name is jefflin the murderess i haveloooooooooooooooong butfil blu e hair and shiny sliver cystal clourd eyes that shine briter than shiny pokemonz and am an neko. All the girls at school hated me right now bc thye are sad that I AM RICH WITH RICH PARETS AND CAN BUY ALL TEH GOOD VIDEO GAMES wen they are just stypid whiny bratts who whish they could be as good is me so they buly me every day bc 2 jelous and give me skizofrenia (i think thats how u spell it lol) so i want to kil dem Now bc they mMAKE ME SUFFER LIKE THIS WHY WOULD U HarM Innocent PEople liek that? so anyway after a long day at school where people try put pins on muh chari it was dark, stormy night when i want to played some Project diva F witch was maid by the first and bestest vocalodi ever (hatsune miki? i forget her name lawl) (i no theres rngrish vocaloid 2 but who cares about them miku is best girl) but instead off her THER WAS JEFF OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HYPER RELEISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the songs was ghostland town music and backways at first i was scared butt then he said that he thot i was really pretty and ahd a boyfriend name BEN but I WAS SPOOPYR so he brought me to teh slender mantion and turned into proxy like hody and masky (where is there actually story I cant find it someone help me plz?) so me and jeff went and killed all the people with hyper realisti blood that hate me in the past because they is bad and so deserve much spooks we killed with knives and fists even though they had guns they cant withstand the power of Jefflin the mruderss and Jeff the Killer together and then wen were done killing everyone and there guts was everywhere and we ate he dead bodies and sucked teh blood and eat there souls HE KISSED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he would make me bootifuler than my already buatiful serlf in burn my eyes and carve my mouth and is much bertter boyfriend then Bob at school why won't you come back to me?

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