The picture Alex saw when he searched up Jeff.

note: the grammar errors in this pasta are intentional, plase do not edit them out.

This is a chilling story about how I saw Jeff the killer and lived.

My name is Alex. I woke up and went to go the bathroom. While I was getting up, I realized that there was a figure standing by the window. I thought it was one of my parents checking on me until the figure moved towards me.

Before I could move I felt a force crush into my entire body, pinning me against the wall. I tried to kick the figure in the face but he dodged all my blows with amazing speed. I had never seen someone move that quickly. He moved so fast that he looked like a constant blur.

I thought that I was being robbed so I begged the figure to spare me. He continued to pin me so I kicked him in the stomach. As he flew back with a look of shock I quickly lounged forward and switched the lamp on.

It was Jeff the killer! He looked exactly like the person in the creepypasta pictures I had searched up a couple hours before. He held me against the wall and said in a hushed tone, “Go to sleep.”

I tired fighting back but he raised his knife and began to brutally stab every inch of my body. I felt my mind slipping into oblivion with every stab.

I finally felt numb and passed out with Jeff still standing on top of me.

Ah help, I qoke up an Im blee all over aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’ gonn di so no ti to tpu wmk2222mmmmmmwloqwwwwwww hel m  


Murder in town

Alex was murdered mysterious last night. The next door person went to check on him after hearing no response and found that everyone in the house had been brutally stabbed after someone broke into their second story window.

If you saw anything strange yesterday at midnight please call 739-183-7782.



Jeff the killer has won again!


So, you may be wondering how in the world I am still alive after I had been killed. Well, I saw Jeff for a slight second since I live next door. I only found this record today. I never said I was Alex.   

Written by Skyrim90000




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