I was looking at dis creepy picture of dis guy people call Jeff the killer and I was so scared like really scared I'm not even kidding. But then I realized he looked familiar. He looked like a potato!! That made me want french fries. So I tiptoed down the stairs and ate some cold french fries because I was to scared to make noise by microwaving them plus I was to lazy and hungry. So then I heard this noise that was like Go To Sleep. And I was like holy shit I'm a goner now. Then i

Here's that creepy dude who reminds me of a potato

turned around ready to get the broom on that potato head thing but it was just my dad and he almost grounded me and told me to go to sleep. Thinking about still makes me cry it was so scurry. That's when I learned that I should stop reading all of this creepypasta stuff all the time. Of course I never stopped because who needs life lessons like really.


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