I saw a man on the internet when i was one years old.

I sended him a message

he told me i was very bold.

why? I asked him

why do you think like that?

he said: because my face is very white

and my eyes are very black.

I said okay,

there's no need to shout.

please tell me your name

I'll know what is about.

He said this very seriously

hi my name is jeff

and I cant find anything

that seems to rhyme with jeff.

So i ask him

what is your full name?

he replies; jeff the killer

and killing is my game

so he asks me: are you foreign?

and i reply: I don't know

I was only just born

around a year ago.

why do you think that? I ask.

you're a curious young lad.

he replies: I think you're foreign

cause your speling and grammer is bad.

I need to change the subject

i feel ashamed.

what is speeling and grammer anyway?

I'm not to blame.

where's your address? he asks.

why does he want to know?

because i want to kill you, he says.


i give him my adress

then he says im out of luck

he will come and kill me tonight

shit, damn fuck.

so i change the subject again

i say

happy birthday he tells me im scaring him

and I'm more insane than him

but its good

i should continue this way.

i listen to everything he tells me to do

he tells me he controls my life

so he tells me to

go and get a knife.

so i do that

and then i asked him waht i do

stick it into someone you see

before i go to the loo

so im waiting

and wetting myself

suddenly the door swings open

beside the shelf.

my mom comes in

she starts to shout



As she looks at the screen and reads the words

i try to pierce her bone

but its not working WHY JEFF WHY

my mom must be a stone... ;A;

mom telephones social services

she says "my baby is a psycho"

then she runs away and never comes back

oh no.

so i hear a knock at my door

im wondering who is it

'its jeff the killer' says a voice

open up, kid.

so i open the door

and a man comes in

his face is white, his eyes are black

his mouth is very thin.

hi there jeff

i say

go to sleep says jeff

i say: okay.

so i climb in the cot

and wait for jeff

to tell me to get up again

there's no more food left.

so i know you hate me

i know this poem sucks

i tried to make it rhyme

but now its just fucked

maybe thats because

when i was one years old

I died from a stab wound

and now i am a ghost.

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