Many would lead you to believe that Jeff Had Murdered His family because Of the fact that he had been bullied everyday....BUT, I like to take a BIGGGGGGG Shit on that Refutable shit, and would like to share MY OWN View on the story!!!

Jeff was about 3 in half seconds years old when he said his first spoken words....."Daddy, I'm gonna be sucking on those suckulent titties of momma's for the rest of my infancy! Daddy, Go Fuck Yourself with a Silconic Dildo, You Queer Motherfucker!". These Raunchy Words would become famous, and EVERYONEEEE IN the neighborhood would hear about The little Boy known as Jeffrey Killering.  "Mommy, After seeing Kate Upton "Make it Clap" I have deicided to stop sucking on those saggy boobs, and started "Lowering The Balls" to Kate Uptons Double D's!" These words made Everyone he knew "AWWWWWWWW" In Cuteness, While His father CRINGED. Here's what he said....."Pfft. This little ScumBag thinks he's some sort of Thug, Huh? Well....we'll see who's the thug now when I Turn him into a Druggie!".

After Saying this, The father would later buy a Few bags of coke off of some Ukranian On The street, and gave it to his "Playboy Son", Jeffrey Killering. "Here, Ron Jeremy In Hand-Me Downer Diapers! Heres The Drugs that I believe will lower those itty-bitty things, You call BALLS.....I'm sure you'll Like it." Totally unaware of the Consequences to come in the Near future, Jeffrey Killering had took the bags of  "Goat Garlic" And stick it in his mouth, and had then SWALLOWED THE "SUGAR" !!! His father was Elated, and rushed to the bedroom to "Buff His Bannana" To His son's Wallpaper of Kate Upton.......Untill he realized.....It wasn't Kate Upton......Instead, His Son Jeffrey Killering Hanging On the wall with a knife stuck to his Shirt!!! "You thought you had me Killed, Huh Bitch? Well Guess what...I'm NOT!!!". Jeffrey would then rip the knife from his shirt and tomahawk it towards his Horny father! Sadly, He missed.....BUT, His father would later die from the injuries he had sustained falling down the Stairs in the house!!!!!

After that, Jeffrey Killering would then paint his face white, put on a white t shirt, and some black emi pants....and became the notorious killer WE ALL LOVE AND HATE.......Michael Bay.

The End.

Just Kidding...It was actually Brian Berta......And Then John Cena.....And then Michael Jackson.....and then That Guy From The Resees Puffs Commercial....AND THEN.....Jeff The Kiler......And Then....Jeff The Killer.. 

The Ending To The End.
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Jeffrey Killering BEFORE DEVIANART!

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