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Blood told me to flush toilet, But I said Fighted is ore important,

so now, the blood is now trying to fight me!!!

How can I stop this blood? I know how, By having a better fighted in my arsenal. Here's my more fighted.....It's called "Xp", Based on the ancient "Windows Xp" Which Murdered Countless children in theer sleep!

Scary Blood is now here to fight family, But I whipped out My Xp, and Fighted that Mothafuckin blood away!

I'm 7 years old.

My blood was 8, untill it came back to life to takeover earth.

I stabbed Myself in the chest.

I buried Myself.

I took a big elaphent , and had it step on me.

I had Justin Bieber spill his blood in my blood, But Gave me H.I.V.V!

I then woke up, and found myself eating nothing but Fighted.

I foighted my blood, and the end of the world!

i pressed the red buttom on the bottom of my counter, and Natelie said "Your Time is UP"!

Fighted was now more easier than Writing a good quality story on the creepypasta Wiki

my blood was performed.

666........Plus 5! (Number too scary for my bloody blood)

Plot Twist! -My Blood is actually stronger than your average PHONE!:

The Slenderman.w

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