If you find an awful creepypasta you want to submit, here's what to do:

1. Create a new page and call it the title of the pasta (if the title has incorrect grammar and spelling, leave it all in). If the pasta doesn't have a title, feel free to make up one for it.

2. Copy the entire pasta into the page. Unless there's something you feel is essential to say about the pasta, please don't add anything else.

3. Add the tag "pastas" to the page so that it'll appear on the directory. Please don't add any excessive tagging; just choose from the list of tags if you want to add anything else.

Types of pastas too look out for, and where to get 'em

Really just look for anything indescribably silly that's intended to be scary. Try to keep troll pasta submissions to a minimum; they can be funny, but we prefer the unintentionally bad genre. Some great crappypasta can be found around [1], flagged YouTube comments, or, for the masochists, 4chan.

Other stuff

Unless it's part of the pasta, it's usually best not to put an image in the page unless it's public domain. We just gotta be careful is all.

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