I recently stayed at a hotel with my friends. In our hotel room, we found a sheet of paper which said "Hotel Instructions". I'm not sure if this is allowed to be on this wiki, but I'll post it anyways in case you're interested in reading this:

Hotel Instructions

1. Don't go in the bathroom with the lights off and the door shut.

2. If you are the only one in this room and if someone's bloody hand and arm touches you in the bed, run away from the hotel as fast as possible.

3. Don't get up from your bed between the times of 2:26 - 6:37am.

4. Don't reach under your bed. If you do so, you will be possessed by the devil.

5. Don't drink the water in this hotel on Thursdays. If you do so, worms will crawl out of your body next Thursday.

6. Don't talk to the emo child cutting himself in the left corner of the room. He has killed 16 people who have talked to him so far.

7. It is unknown what happens to the intestines of the people who open the hotel room window.

8. Don't stay in this room for more than 10 days.

9. Upon leaving this room, check behind you to see if anything is trying to eat you.

10. If you wake up in the middle of the night to see a bunch of dead bodies around the hotel bed, you're dreaming so ignore them and go back to bed.

11. If you wake up to find a blood pentagram carved on your chest, you are going to die unless you escape the room in 1 minute.

12. Don't talk about Fight Club.

13. Don't look in the bedroom and bathroom mirror any longer than 25 seconds.

14. No running. The ghosts don't like it when you run.

15. We are not responsible for any internal bleeding you may experience while in the room.

16. If blood starts dripping out of your fingernails, leave immediately.

17. If your TV starts displaying videos of animals and children getting brutally murdered, don't touch it because a hand will pull you into the TV. Stand as far away as possible from it and it will shut itself off after a few hours.

18. Look behind yourself every few minutes just in case someone or something is trying to kill you.

19. Upon entering your hotel room, open the door quickly and back away from the door.

20. If someone is knocking at your door late at night, do not open it.

If you have any questions about this hotel room, call 1-666-666-6666 for help.

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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