Note: I did not write this pasta, I am posting it here for preservation.

In any city in any country go to a pubic park. Well actually not any city. I mean you wouldn't want to go to North Korea or Apefrica. Anyways wander around like your drunk until you see a business man. Walk up to the business man and say these exact words; bwagagagagagcokokoooooocoopwdllpwllwump If your even one letter off, run as fast as you can and whatever you do not look behind you, or you will trip and fall. If you however successfully say it the man will say wait here and call someone. At this point wander around the park making weird noises and stare at people with one eye. An ambulance will appear and you must cooperate with the EMTs. They will take you to an instutution. When you get there break away from the EMTs. Run towards the clerk and tell her you must see King Puzzlefuzz when she questions you point to the candle near the phone jack. The EMTs will have found you by now and a security guard will lead you to a padded room. He will put you In a strait jacket and lock the door. The straight jacket is item 69 out of 666 congratulations dumbass you're now stuck in an asylum.

Credited to ShadowHawk5

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