hitler was born in redfern , in 1969. His father was ray ramano and his mum was katey perry. When he wuz born a dinosaur took him away. and kidnapped him. it was steggy the stegosaurus. Stegy gave hitler a 2nd chance as he saw his bby mustache. steggy raised hitler up.. hitler did not know his parents. he was a sad boy but he always was talented. He was a carniiove and ate other dinosaurs up. He rode on hs dinousaur which was the trex, a giant dinosaurrr. One day, steggy was lecutring him, and hitler gave hismum a smack and kiled her.

hitler joined the jackson 5, and played a piviotal role in the making of pitch perfect and other mvies such as gooldilocks and 101 dalmations. he was the co-star of pitch perfect 3,, and also for jurrasic world. he starred as mustafa in the lion king, and was also the lead singer for weenknd. He was talented.

Hitler got to famus, and wanted peace. He went to the david aternbruhhs show and took over. he is also the judge of my kitchen rulez and other tv shows such as the footy show. He is a big supporter of the 76ers abd also the yankes. He is the manager of arsenal fc, and coaches them with brilliant tactics.

Now hiter has his autobiography, written by his finngers. Its name is Hitler the story inspired by steggy and captain fethersword.

He died in 2015, as he put himself inside a washing machine, it was a sad def. Obama was his friend and he often prays for his loss

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