I recently purchased a strange version of Mario kart for the SNES at the store

The strange part is that though it was labeled as Mario kart at the store, the box art looked strange and different from the regular one.

It featured a demonesque character that looked kind of like a dragon being shot at by some person in a suit. I asked the guy at the store if this was the actual box art and he confirmed it was unopened and it was the game's original box art.

I just decided to disregard it and buy it.

I brought it home and put it in my SNES, this is when things got stranger.

As i put the game in and waited for it to start up some text flashed on the screen.

Not being in the mood for reading I disregarded it assuming it was something like a company name or something

Then the strange figure from the front of the box, the one who was shooting the dragon, appeared.

Green text began popping up on the screen as the armored figure blinked and the sounds of a typewriter played.

I sat there and watched as it faded away to a new scene.

It faded to a black and white video of a battle between the figure and a strange creature that looked like some spiked blob in a broken jar.

At this point I'm pretty creeped out but continue to watch out of pure curiosity.

The figure shoots it a bit then it explodes into fire.

It fades back to the original shot of the armored figure as more green text spits out of it.

it soon fades to another shot of the armored figure approaching an egg as it starts to crack.

A creature breaks from the egg and starts to float upwards.

It has a domelike head with teeth like razors.

The armored figure aims at it but soon retracts his weapon when it flies near him.

it goes back to the green text then to the armored figure shaking hands with a scientist.

More green text then the game begins

The character is lowered down into a metal area by an elevator with no music at all playing.

It soon becomes apparent that this isn't the Mario kart i was expecting. This game featured a Side scrolling perspective as i am now controlling the armored figure.

This I started to move and when I jumped all the lights suddenly went out and i heard a loud scream from upstairs as my mom fell down the staircase.

This game was the cause i knew because it had seemed... strange from the start.

I took the game and burned it in the fireplace after we started it up to keep warm until the power came back and i swear to you

The power came back on not ten minutes after i burned the cursed game.

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