This is my first creepypasta so your not allowed to give any constructive criticism to me in the comments. I don't need to improve on my writing skills. I'm really fine the way I am. Anything lower then a 100/10 is considered bullying in mine opinion. If you disagree then you are probably an meanie who's mean. Anyways, here's my masterpiece of a story.


I was walking through an Abandoned Mental Asylum with a bunch of blood and organs all over the walls. A bunch of people killed themselves in it. I looked in a trash can and I found a copy of Majora's Mask. I brought it home and I play it.

When I started it, it showed hyper-realistic blood all over the place. Then text came on the screen and it had a picture of my parents dead all covered in blood. It then showed tons of dead children. I decided to keep playing it. All of the enemies were dead and their guts were spread all over the place. It then said that I'm next.

I figured that the most realistic and smartest thing to do would be to keep playing. I could always stop playing but I'm sure all of this is just a glitch. Then I beat the final boss and its head blew up. Blood and brain was all over the place. I am walked up to it and then Link shot himself in the head and hyper-realistic blood and brain splattered all over the wall.

I was certain it was just a minor glitch though.

Then the game shut itself off and my N64 randomly caught on fire for no apparent reason whatsoever. I dumped a bucket of very cold water on it (yes, I keep buckets of water on my bed while I play games. You never known when your game will burst into fires). I opened it to see if my game survived and a human hand was in place of the cartridge. There was blood all over the place.

Then I looked behind me too see a computer. I decided that the most smartest thing to do would be to record this on a wiki page.

I'm noticing a zombie out of my window. I guess I wlll die now. I'm very scared. Now it's clawing at the glass. Now the glass is crackng. I could always run but I might just keep typing. Oh no, it broke the glass! It's walking over to me. Bye mommy, I love you. Bye friends and everyone and people and thingies. It's standing right over me now. I'm so terrif...


Hi, I'm the monster who just killed that guy. I'm going to kill everyone who plays Majora's Mask on every Friday the 13th. The only way to not be killed by me is if you comment on this page and write "This story is the greatest creepypasta ever!!!!! 1 billion/10". Everyone else though'll die and have blood and guts all over the place. So bye, see you later lol.


Masterpiece made by: BrianBerta