I found an old CD that I burned animations on. But one of those files went corrupt. It was about a stickman with a hole where his eye used to be, bleeding. The Lavender Town music was playing in reverse. He walked up to a text. When he was reading, the closeup of his face pixelated, his voice was corrupt, he appeared to be in hell, his eyes were black with red pupils, and his mouth was messed up. The next scene had some binary text and more corrupted noises. The text was translated into “I will gouge your eye”. The next scene was the stickman, eye gouged and bloodied by a machete. There was a and white flashing in the background. Then his grave appeared. After about 5 seconds, the grave pixelated, loud TV static could be heard. The grave pixelated even more, then dissapeared. There was a glitched up explosion sound, and the flashing stopped. Then there was static, and the animation ended. That is all that remains of the animation.

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