There wez once a crew named Lizard Squad. They wuz such good haxerz dat dey bee haxing pplz on chist-mas dey. I thinks dat they is su kul dat i weant 2 merry dere hole family. May be juan dey ih will hev friendz jest lek dose amazin pplz. Dey shud get a awerd fur dere amazin talentz in deh cumputerz. Me nd mah friends also tink dat they r kool and swegy. plz go 2 dere youtube channelz and subzcibe. 1 sub = 1 more friend 4 dem.

But whait, y du dey hak ereybudy. I tink itz cuz dey are a sekret part uv da illuminati. I foond proof dat they r in the illuminati. If u luk clode at da picture, you will notice dat de lizard is actually green. Ya no wat else iz green. Da illuminati symbol! Confirmeded?

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