I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of the storm that had been going on outside all day. I looked over at my clock which read four o’clock. I knew there was no way I was getting back to sleep now so I decided to get up and make some coffee. I kept getting this strange feeling that something was off. I shrugged it off and went into the bathroom. As I sat down. I got the feeling that I was forgetting something. Then out of nowhere I heard a noise from behind the shower curtain. I felt my stomach go into my throat as I slowly reached for the curtain. I took a deep breath and threw the curtain back. Ready for anything, I realized that the soap had simply fallen off the edge of the tub. Laughing at myself, I shut the curtain, thinking how I was just scared by a bar of soap. I turned back to my right and realized what I had forgotten. It had been there stating at me the whole time. How could I have been so careless. Why did I forget to get toilet paper...

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