Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Was that him, or am I imanging it? It was like someone was there, watching me but when I look over all I can see is the darkness and the trees. I should have stuck to the road, but it was like some unknown entity drew me to the forest. Didn’t I just pass that tree? I’m losing my sense of direction, or is it my memory? I feel someone behind me, but I do not want to turn to see if IT is there, so I run. I run for as long as I can, but this forest seems like it goes on forever. This is its domain, it is hunting me, but I have yet to see what this being looks like, and if I have seen it, I do not remember its face. I stop because I hear the leaves crackling in front of me, and there it is just in front of me, the tallest man, no it is not a man, it is not human, I need to get away, but his arms look so comforting. It move closer and closer to me, and now I realize why I cannot remember his face, he has no face, it is blank. It has no ears or nose, no lips or eyes, just emptieness. All I can do is watch as it moves closer to embrace me, I feel every emotion at once, sadness for he has caught me and my life will soon be over, joy that this running and hiding has come to an end, and anger that I have lost, that I thought I could have escaped his cold grasp. He is still moving closer, I can almost reach out and touch him, then he is here right on me, with outstretched arms, all I can can do is accept it now. I. Am. Gone.

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