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Day one  i went to a garage sale and i bought a copy of pokemoon red but the charizard on it eyes didnt have. went too home put the game in my game boy and i play it. The game was already had been played before so i looked in the pc. It had lots of pokemon in. there was super creepy vib to it. In it was unowns that spelled go back. I get super scared and turn off game boy. Once i less scared i turn game boi on and i leave center. pokemon I realize i in lavender town the music was spooky it sound kinda like creepier than normal. I heard voice in my ears saying go back go back then i felt a hand on my shoulder and i look behind quickly and there nothing behind me. I go to back to pokemon center and then the nurse joy turned into a distorted version of  the exeggutor sprite so i talk to it and it crash game so i open again it bring me right back to pokemon center but now everyones heads ar oddish. I think what i thought oddish was oddish not people. One of them come towards me and say go back. I turn off game boy again and i realize the creepy vioce said the same thing. Go back go back but i didnt know where to go back 2 until it hit me. I go back to garage sail without mom or dad and then the guy said go back so i go back to house then i hear voice say go back so i go back and talk to garage guy and then i feel nothing anymor and i fall asleep. When wake up i greeted by a hypno with other kids. He say in creepy voice go back but i cant go back and there is no way out but he keep saying go back and then he disappear then i see a candle so i run to light and i see it actually litwick and then it disappear so i stuck in pitch black and then i hear go back but i still cant go back THERE IS NO DOOR and then i surrounded with drifloons then pick me up by my head hands feet and toes and they take me to a banette and then i realize that the banette used to be my doll and i threw it away because i thought it was ugly so it got mad and then i told it was i sorry then my body started to disappear and i felt my soul leave my body and then the banette put log on head so i was phantump then i spent the rest of my life with my doll the end

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