Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

When it started I was only 9 as a kid it seemed funny and silly but, now it’s sick and twisted. When I was 9 at 12:00 at midnight a man would always stand outside my window and offer me some candy, so I would open the window for him and take it every night. He never tried to hurt me, but whenever I turned around to thank him he would be gone.. Window closed and locked as if it had never been opened. He wasn’t dressed as a crazed killer or clown, he was dressed in a suit actually hair slicked back but, one problem was he would always wear gloves. One day as a kid I asked to see his hands, that one moment was the only time he ever scared me. He became so grim, declined and walked off without any candy.

I hadn’t seen him since today the 28th of June 2012 my 18th birthday, the day I got my apartment on the top floor. The one day he returned although this time he didn’t look so natural. He was covered in scars and had his eyelids sewn shut, but he still wore those gloves. The only problem with the gloves was that everywhere on his clothes was blood but, not on his gloves. So what happened was he asked me “do you want any candy” in a horrible voice that was not the voice I heard as a kid. before I answered I asked with the utmost fear of what his answer would be “Why do you wear those gloves?”

” Oh come on isn’t it obvious?” He asked maniacally. Then without warning he took them off that’s when I realized what he was hiding that kept me from fear of him as a child he didn’t have hands he had bones.“how are you here”? I then asked with horror

“whatever do you mean”? He replied.

“ you’re outside my window, I live on the top floor!”

That’s when he did it, he just smiled, he just smiled. I tried to run but just seeing that smile immobilized me, I was petrified with fear. Then everything went black, I woke up in my house on my bed. Altho I seem to b forgetting everything, my words moestly. Not to menshun I woke up in a blak soot. I think … do… He … you … Did this to me….want some candy? Also I might need some gloves…

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