So I did not make this. A kid on Garry's Mod I was playing with was making fun of a Creepypasta I said I liked and so I told him to make his own even better than it. He agreed so I told him to add me on Steam and send it to me. He told me he worked all day on this and that he based it on Fnaf :( Keep in mind this kid was a squeaker in game so.

this creepyasta is pased one a tru event red with surenes

i wus woking nighte shifte at fazbers an i herd foxy cum for me i sed giet bakc foxy an he go.

nex niget i swa chick she wuz wering a babing suite wit boobs den she kised me gudniget she vry prety.

fredy fazgber nex nighte suw me kising wit chick en he gavew me a aremburn. it hut

nex nigweht mengle cum out ofe teh derek and he told me i was gey

i decided to stop workeing at five nigets ate fredys so i ssai to bose ur a faget.

nex nighet i gut phoen cel from chick he she said ur a hote boye ho plais fotbull n gets good greds in maf

i wok up freum drem an suw blod cuminge downe te walls n the plode looked relisteic fur a game so i turn

of fife nigets ate freds and it turned off and bit me ine teh freontel forehed an i bled til hospital.

i cundeltd buleive mey eis i saw a nakd chicke ane shew wus withe foxye so i grabed mey huneybager an

kuled hum wit hune bager. den oxy gut bek up wit an iterventon an shut me. nex de i cam beuc wit gun an

shoet ate foxe an mongl. blod cum out. den. i died.le dis is speoky i sed to chicke she loke at meh an 

kise me in poo i tught it fune to sey but rely it wanswrt poo it was me kies chicke. den i saw pikecu

heres eie was gon an blud an puk cam out ofe deh mouf i sed. steop it nasy u r nasy pikecue den i rmem

it wauz de game olde lone den i saw mye mom make me fud in citckn an i sae u r ti u feg i den ple

coducty n it was gud the ene

ps. foxe was ite twiste engeind for enwish cclas

bye jacob

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