Tis is de spooky stoory of spy1001 (didn't use real name for privacy sake:3)

won day, spy1001 pireted FNAF from le piricy site, he downloded FNAF. He notiss dat le gaem wus actualy 'Five

Profile picture by ask waluigi time-d5h0pt3

Nights at Waluigi's.EXE' it luukd pruty dang dank, so spy1001 played it. It was so spuuky dat spy1001 ped his pants. soodenly insted of froody, it was waluigi singing a spooky song ( spy1001 was greted by shrek on fone, he said i gut to not get reiped by Waluigi, Wario, Mario, and Luigi and chek out dem cameras.

I opened teh camera screen, revealing Waluigi, Wario and Mario, but Luigi wus nuware 2 be sen, Wario dissapeared into another room, Wario was in Prinses peech's room %@$%^* *$^ )#&* @ *$!! (censurd 4 to much spook), spy1001 says "Sugoy, i had no idea you can have Wario %@$%^* *$^ )#&* @ *$!!, SU REEL" (censurd 4 more spook). And soodenle, Luigi cums thru de hellway scremin "SPAGETY", I close le door, and Luigi wunt book to hes helholl. Waluigi, Wario, Mario, and Luigi wur so med dey mad a soopa mech and kill spy1001, unrealistic blood wet owt of his body.


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