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Fire has ruled the world!

This is a thrilling tale about how fire ruled the world.  

You are in your house cooking dinner when you accidentally knock over your stove. The fire then starts spreading rapidly all across your house. You get a bucket of water and try to put out the fire. Upon throwing the bucket of water into the fire you trip and fall into it as well. You are lit ablaze. You try to scream. You then fall over, you have burned to death.

The fire continues to destroy your house. By the time the firemen arrive the fire has already become an inferno. The fireman goes to grab equipment from their fire trucks and then they all run into your house while spraying water in an attempt to neutralize the flames. The fire lights the sticks of dynamite in your basement, which causes a chain reaction. Your house then violently explodes without the slightest warning, killing all who are inside.

The fire trucks then catch on fire. Upon all the firemen’s arrival all the fire truck’s engines violently explode, killing everyone at the scene, the cycle repeats again and again until…

Ten years later...

The fire has become unstoppable, now destroying anything in its path without mercy. The oceans dry up due to this intense wave of heat. The people in space watch in shock as the whole earth starts burning. They are met with a blinding explosion as the earth splits into a million pierces.

All life on earth has met their demise!

Fire has successfully ruled the world.

Written by Skyrim90000

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