Note:I didn't write this pasta, I'm just posting it here. This pasta originally had no title, which I came up with personally.

One day, i'm alone on my house like always, it was friday noon, i saw this man in my parents room, well at first i thought he was my dad so i just ignored him, and then he started changing his clothes and packing some stuff, of course i'm curious so i asked "Dad where are you going?" *silence* probably he still mad because i ate his pudding on morning, so i back off, well we kept silenced until that man leaves the house, and suddenly my father comes home, so i thought he forgot about something, when i asked "did you forget about something?" he replied "huh? i just got home" shocked i tell the story to my father, and then he sat down and replied "Oh, it must be the previous owner of this house trying to say goodbye", as my mind blanked i remember the previous owner already passed away 2 years ago..

Damn i should not eat my father's pudding

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