The Blog

I have archived a blog by a person named "Pelliot". He apparently is the one on The Mega Blog (A troll pasta on the troll pasta wiki) also.

Update 1, 4/21/2010

My name is Pelliot, and I have received a strange email. I hope the internet people can help me understand what it means;

You have been selected to own a special Rom-Hacked Super Mario World!

You are the only one in the world to own it!

Click here to get it: {DELETED}

Quite a fishy email, right? Well stupid old me clicked on it. It wanted me to put my address in to get the mail here. And you know what I did? I put it in. It then downloaded a file called EXE.EXE which told them where I lived. Such a great investment!

Update 2, 4/25/2010

So, it finally came in the mail.

It was stamped the year 2056 with a strange un-seen face on it. Coincidence!>!>!>!>!M??!?!?

So, I opened it, and it was exactly what it said it was. A bootlegged cartridge. But, there was no label on the cartridge, so I just put it in my GBA. (Gameboy Advance). Turns out, it was not Super Mario World at all! It was the worlds rarest game, Nintendo World Championships: Gold Version! So I threw it in the trash because it was not Super Mario World. Such a ripoff.

Update 3, 5/3/2010

I don't feel ok, something is going on around here....

The Other Updates

The other updates in this blog were not marked with a year, month, or day. It is unknown what year they were posted. They were posted on another blog, but the discussion the updates were posted in in the blog was deleted after some time, and they also have comments.

Update 4

I'm in my closet right now typing this on my phone... I don't think I should have given him/them my address...

Comments for Update 4:

RocketBobo: No sh*t, Sherlock.

Linus1010: Be nice! What if this is real...

Update 5 (Most likely minutes after Update 4)

I think He went away... I'm out of my closet, and I don't see anything...

Comments for Update 5:

Pat-Pat: Well, I am thankful for you.

Linus1010: Happy you are alive!

Update 6

I wanna share somethings with you... I saw visions of my dead mother today... She took my weed and bong into heaven with her... JUST KILL ME!

Comments for Update 6:


Pat-Pat: erm...

Update 7 ?/10/? (Posted on the tenth of ???)

I just heard something in th

Update 7 was found unfinished in Pelliot's house with Pelliot's dead body right next to it. There was no signs of struggle on the body, no blood either.

Most likely reason of death: Strangled or Heart Attack.

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