The Second Blog

These are blog posts of Pelliots brother. This in in 2011, after Pelliot died in a unknown year..

Update 1: 1/1/2011

Welcome to Elliot's blog! I will be discussing my brother Pelliot's almost random death from a unknown suspect in this blog, and try to uncover the secrets behind his death, and the email he recieved.


Pat-Pat: I am so glad you are posting on here! PLEASE try and uncover my friends death...

Update 2: 1/6/2011

I will not be posting as often as Pelliot, but I know that the person that sent the emails account name was PoppaMyLocka10. Kinda weird... It is a very satanic name... and that the most reasonable person for the killing was the Atheist from the first blog, Atheist666. He was the one harassing him after all.

Comments: This is a very weird blog. I didn't want sleep anyways...

Update 3: 1/10/2011

I have news! It turns out, Pelliot's blog has dissapeared of the face of the internet.. Don't worry, I have the Wayback Machine. But, I went to Pelliot's funeral today, I swear I saw someone in a black coat in the distance... I'm starting to think it was not a coincidence that the profile pic of Atheist666 was a black coat...



Update 4: 2/1/2011

God, it has been so long since I posted on this blog... Well, here is some things that happened when I was gone:

  • My blog has been hacked... Maybe by Atheist666...
  • A tornado struck in Arkansas, where I live.
  • My dog died, Fuzzy.

So, it has been a very bad month for me, so there are some updates.


Atheist666:-Removed- (This comment was removed. It did not say "-Removed-.")

Pat-Pat: ...

The Final Posts

These final posts were never seen, had no views, and no comments. This is because the blog site got shut down a second after the final post was posted.

So. It has come to this. 2/20/2011

He is back to the house. It seems like he is getting closer to the closet, but I'm not sure. I just heard a whisper in my ear, in Pelliots voice.

"Spooky Local."

The tv turned on on chunel 69 tu shuw rutting curpses in hyper relestic deformed feture. My gud.

Update 6: 2/25/2011

Sunce da 20th, muh grammur has decresed alut. I fuzkin hat mah grummer nuw.

But keep in mund...

I um nuvur a Cristian.

These posts are the final posts that were ever posted. It seems like on the last post, he had been hacked again. As the quote "I am never a Christian" relating to a Atheist.

Police Report: 3/1/2011

Elliot Palinski has been reported missing, no suspects have been found yet. There was a satanic symbol drew on the bed-sheets where Elliot layed. More info soon.

Reason of death: ???

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