Bunny has a secret by drunkenmoonkey-d2ytl3r

Note: I didn't write this pasta. I'm just posting it here. It's an italian creepypasta that I have translated, since I think it really belongs to bad creepypastas. Note that it features the Easter Bunny, which isn't actually an italian holiday folkroristic character at all.

Tomorrow is Easter, now you don't care that much, there's nothing special about it, anymore, maybe there will be a lunch e you will receive a little present and maybe some corny chocolate egg. You laugh again, thinking about the time when you believed in the Easter Bunny, every night you hoped to stay awake so you could see him, but that never happened, you fell asleep almost immediately. Sometimes it happened that you awoke at night and heard noises, but you didn't have the courage to go check out what it was. Now you realize that they were actually just your parents, who hid the eggs around by night, just to see their own son happy at the sight of all that chocolate in the house. So, you go to bed and fell asleep without problems...

After a while you wake up, you hear a strange noise. Your parents? No, it almost resembles a breath. You raise your head and spin, noticing something at the other side.

It's a man, but with the appearance of a rabbit, who observes you standing in a corner.

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