Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Some people say that God has an arch enemy, Satan. What people don’t know is that he had a daughter with a demonic wolf. He named this child Madesqueradeion or Mad. Mad had the powers of a wolf, which went well with her tail, ears and amber eyes. She has 2 true forms. A bearlike wolf and a teenager. Mad believed that the best food was pain. She would torture humans and feed on their pain… then feed on their flesh. One day, she came across a teenage boy, her age, who she thought was beautiful. Pain seeped off him in litres which, to her, was an aphrodasiac. She entered his mind and found he had a girlfriend. She quickly changed into that girl and dragged him into an alley way. She strapped him to the wall with chains of shadows and slowly, but gleefully, tortured her self. She felt no pain, so it felt good. The boy watched in fear, which made her go into a craze. She put her had on his chest… and ripped out his heart. She moved towards the still alive boy and whispered in his ear…

“Do you love me yet?”

Around the world, people were being murdered by their undead loved ones, leaving only their heart missing from the pile of organs. People say that love is painless… Do you?

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