So I was waking around the patk then i seed a squarel then it look at me and I thoguht nothing of it until i notice he has black eye it falled and hit ground I went to check if it were real it were not but then it was real and behind me it look at me face then i scarely ran away i smash though window peoples look at me i bleed i was scared i screamed squael demon The place was wal mart then the lady walk to me and said go and i cry saying no please no i dont want to saw squael then she talk to police/cops/popo though a fone and they came wit gun put on head and said your coming to jail now i in jail. PLease bale me out. Every day me ges rapeded in my but. It not feels good anymore.....need to get out off her please. I see demon squel it staring at me right as we speako. Ice creming for help butt noone i slistining. Soneone please cum help me please aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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