A dead body freed, hopefully.

Death, the one thing that is still unknown to us. No one has ever come back to tell the tale. We all think it’s a bad thing to die, so we avoid it as best as we can. Well, I have a Theory.

This world that we live in is some sort of test or blockade. We must do some kind of task to be freed into our true life. What we are supposed to do is still a mystery to us. The only way to go back to our real world as of now is to die.

So you see, death is really trying to give you freedom and it is a great thing. We should’t be avoiding it. We should be looking forward to let death take us into its grasp.

At least, thats what I think…

Finally, I wrote that down at last, now its back to enjoying Fallout Four.

Written by Skyrim90000

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