It was a car like this one.

Hello, something disgusting and creepy happened to me when I brought my first car. Here’s what happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I was always eager to know what it felt like behind the wheel. That feeling when the cold wind catches and unravels your hair. The thrill of launching down the highway dreaming that nothing can ever stop you. That is why when I finally passed driving school my parents tried their best to earn enough money to buy me a new car.

They ended up buying me a four seat Toyota, which wasn’t so bad compared to the poor people that had no cars. My parents quickly signed all the paperwork and in half an hour I was proudly holding the car keys in my hand. My parents told me that I could test out my car by driving it home. My first drive, yay! Then they got into their car and started to drive home carefully. I waved to them when they passed by and they waved back. The next second they were gone.

I got into my new car and leaned back to test how relaxing the leather seats were. I noticed that there was one spot that felt like there was something poking out of the seat. I ignored it and started the engine. Besides, when I closely inspected the seat I saw nothing poking out. I just blamed it on stress and started to drive home.

A few days went by and everything was normal. I drove my car almost everywhere. Everything was perfect with it. The engine never failed to start. The brake and gas pedals never failed when I stepped on them. The only issue I had with the car was that now the thing poking out of the seat felt… closer. I couldn’t explain it, it was like the thing was trying to get out of the seat. But how was this possible? I decided to get to the bottom of this once and for all. I really wished I didn’t.

I got a razor from my bathroom and ran down to the garage. I knew this would forfeit my insurance but I didn’t care. I really needed to know what was hurting my back so much. I cut into the leather over and over. Finally, once it was loose enough I quickly ripped and threw the leather onto the ground. What I saw next almost made me vomit on the spot.

Inside the leather, right in the middle of the seat, was a decayed human corpse. It was gruesomely cut into pieces. It was so revolting. I could see it’s organs sticking out and it’s lifeless eyes still staring at me.

I fainted.

One month later…

So that’s why I’m writing this pasta to you now, to warn you. Always check every inch of your car before buying it. You never know what could be hidden underneath its surface.

Written by Skyrim90000

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