Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.


Last night I was browsing through webpages in my history until I found a strange looking website. I was certainly not in the normal format, but instead the URL was on the right side of the top bar and it was spelt backwards similar to hebrew’s format. The site had a single link on it containing the words ‘DO NOT CLICK!’. I immediately moved on thinking ‘what?’. I must’ve blacked out then because i could no longer remember anything past that.


I think I might be going insane now. I drove past a sign and i swear it said ” DO NOT CLICK”. maybe this karma for teasing my sister or something, bu.t a lot has changed ever since I saw that sight. People have started to ignore me like I don’t exist. Eaelier today when i went to work, my boss came to my desk and looked up and said “has anyone seen Aaron?”, even though i was sitting right in front of him! I saw red. I through my keys at the desk, and yelled “I QUIT!”. He screamed in fear and yelled “there’s a ghost!”. He immediately called some paranormal investigators. While he ran outside. Other than that people have walked into me like i’m just not there. Maybe this is all because i didn’t click the link? Maybe, who knows, I’m insane now.


I clicked the link. Maybe it’s all ended. I haven’t bothered seeing if it has. I’ve been seeing things though. I went to a doctor, though I never got checked. He was there, teasing me. He said “I warned you”. He looked at a poster talking about suicide, I looked then looked back to see him nodding at me. Then he left. I went past the local police station and found a picture of my face and the title “MISSING”. He was right.

“This is the last known statement by Aaron T. Jonathan. His body was never found. Whoever “HE” is is the main culprit in this case. We were able to track down this website, Shut it down, And trace it to it’s location, Aaron’s Laptop.

Credited to Militarywaffle

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