""I was on, I had nothing else to do so I just clicked random creepypasta. I read through it, shocked, because it described everything I was doing at the moment. My name is Will Douglas."

My name IS Will Douglas. I copied and pasted this story, then I refreshed the page to see that it had vanished. The story was simply called Creepypasta. If this has happened to you please contact me at **********"

I never posted any of this, yet it is here. I have been getting emails ever since this was posted. Here is one of the emails I got.


I read your creepypasta. This must be discussed in private. Meet me at these coordinates: **.******, -**.******. (blocked out for security reasons) You will know its me when you see me.


I investigated further and found out that these coordinates lead to a public area. A park. I drove there, it wasn't far from my apartment, only a 20 minute drive. This concerned me, did he know where I live? Regardless I met with him on a bench. I kept my distance, I was still shaken up from all that had happened. He was right, I knew it was him because he was wearing a guy fawkes mask, which is what the members of an online group known as the Anonymous wear.

He said to me things I should not repeat, but basically the same thing had happened to him, and when he tried to investigate further, he got into a lot of trouble. I tried to explain to him that I never wrote this, he gasped then took me into an alleyway, where he took off his mask to reveal his hyper-realistic face and blood. His face was so horrifying that he could not have been human. I tried to run, but he just kept keeping up with me, like the Kardashians. I don't have much time left, the police won't believe me and he's coming for me. I think he was the one who wrote the story, he was the one who lured me to him, to trust him. He was so spooky, I have severe trauma now. If you are reading this, do not I repeat do not try to call the police, they can't stop him. Just run! And if he fi

YOUR NEXT!!!!!!111


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