Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

I think I have finally beaten her.

After all those months of torture, of cowering in fear, I have destroyed her.

Now, her cold gray eyes, made of the finest of glass, stare at me, the final reminders of her wicked, impish nature. Her eyes are the best feature of her fractured face; jagged cracks run up her left cheek like so many scars. Clara sits in the crooked rocking chair, seemingly docile, but I am cautious for a few more seconds. Whoever says dolls need humans to come alive didn't know Clara.

Slowly, I approach. For once, her eyes don't follow me, not even when I am close enough to fog them up. I can see now: their fire is gone. The entity within has left.

Smirking, I flick her nose. Finally, it's over! The shuffling of tiny feet in the middle of the night, the shifting positions. The whispered conversations between my little sister and IT.

Clara had tried to alienate my sister from me ever since Meg got her for her birthday. Once, Meg looked up to me; now, she'll barely look at me. That doll had whispered too many secrets to her...

Clara loved to cause trouble, making messes by breaking stuff, tearing up our cushions, and scribbling on the wall. At first, our parents thought Meg did it, but they blamed me after Clara struck again when all three of them were out. Of course, they didn't believe me when I told them about that cursed doll. As if I would stoop to writing IN CRAYON on the wall!

That wasn't enough for the spirit, demon, whatever you'd like to call it. I could hear her late at night, pitter-pattering between Meg's and my rooms, keeping its eyes on us. Just one more way of separating us...

But that's all in the past now. Clara's gone. And I can resume my plans...

Nice try keeping me from my sister, Clara. But I'm still going to kill her.

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