Wuaki4K SmartTV w670 h388

My 4k smart TV.

Have you ever heard of a show called, Sharing Your Future? Of course you haven’t. I’m the only person unlucky enough to stumble across such a strange show. It all started with a simple sleepover with a couple of friends at my house. But it ended up turning into a nightmare. Don’t try to help me, it’s too late. I have to write this down before they break in and murder me. Farewell.

We were watching my brand new ultra 4k smart tv on the couch in the living room when the lights started flashing on and off. It was a power outage and judging by the sudden darkness it was a big one. Since we couldn’t watch tv until the power outage was fixed, they went down to the local supermarket to get us some refreshing ice cold drinks. That’s why I was surprised when I heard the tv suddenly turn on with a click.

How the? I turned around and the tv was showing static, like when you try to watch a channel that had no signal. I stared at the tv waiting for something else to happen but nothing did, even after I waited for five whole minutes. A thought suddenly floated up from the depths of my mind. The remote, of course, the tv wasn’t going to act on its own. I quickly grabbed it from the table and started to surf the channels.

Some feeing in my gut told me to go to channel zero. I obeyed the feeling without thinking twice and pressed zero on the remote. I got something all right.

The channel was working perfectly, unlike all the other static channels. The show was called, Sharing Your Future. It appeared to be some sort of talk show. There was a woman facing the tv. Upon seeing me she said in a taunting voice, “You, do you want to know your future?”

I thought it was some sort of game so I replied, “yes, tell me my future.” Upon hearing me the woman grimed evilly. I was slightly creeped out by this but I shrugged it off.

The woman then said something disturbing. “You will die a quick and painless death on October fifth, 2019 at exactly midnight." A picture of what appeared to be three gunmen kicking down the door to a house flashed on screen."Enjoy the time you have left.” The tv then overheated and shut itself off.

My heart was beating rapidly at this point. I was dreading to check the date in case it was today. Once I gathered some courage I quickly checked the date on my phone. I almost screamed in terror. Today was October Fourth, 2019. That was when I realized I had forgotten to check the time. With all the hope I had left I looked at the time. My heart almost stopped.

It was currently 11:59pm…

Written by Skyrim90000

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