Can You Smell Fear?

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So, I'm sitting here on my couch, which is pushed to my computer and the rest of the room is to my back. I'm watching TV and jacking off when I hear this really menacing cackle from behind me. I shit too many bricks to sit up and look behind me, so I just slowly moved my head to the left, where I saw my cat. It was stating either blankly or terrified, at the space right behind the couch, and perfectly frozen in a position I don't normally see it in. I just watched watched it, imagining what kind of evil it saw right behind me, but then I noticed something. It started stretching and contracting its back. It was taking a shit, and the cackle was just it farting. It was staring because it was focusing. I nearly threw up trying to clean it up. God dammit. Then a skeleton popped out.


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