Camp Lazlo CreepyPasta02:17

Camp Lazlo CreepyPasta

This is the video that contains the original story.

You know the show camp lazlo well this may be the reason why it was canceled the episode starts with lazlo and his gang playing basketball edward comes up to him and looks very very sad and scared lazlo says a stupid joke to edward hey Edward coffie can give you a cold. get it? edward suddenly snaps and picks up lazlo and smashes his head on the basketball rim edward picks up lazlo again and wraps a rope around lazlos neck he throws him into the lake with a huge rock tied to the rope lazlo dies under water raj and clam say to edward what the fuck asshole you just killed him! edward reaches for there eyes and rips them out they run away not seeing where there running to. that was all of Edward then the screen flashes to samson doing surgery or something. which is odd because he hates gross things. hes doing open heart surgery on slinkman! Slinkman lets out a horrible shriek like if it was real pain samson stops and stares at the screen smiling and whispers, help me. he starts laughing and crys at the same time… his mouth opens 6x larger then normal and screams worse than slinkman it was ear peircingly loud! he says BEHIND YOU!!!!! The point of view turns around and I see edward… edward whispers found you…. he opns his mouth and eats the camera or the point of view and then the episode ended with Lazlo in horrible memory... CAMP LAZLO

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