It was a dark and stormy cloudy sunny day, and i took a shit. No, i didnt go poopy, i took a shit from my sister’s anooo

s. THEN A ZKELITON POOPED OUT AND I GOT SOOOOOOOO SCURRED LIKE WHY IS A ZKLETION CUMMING AOT MAH ANOOS and then the ZKELITON who was SUPEER HYPER REALISTIC was all like “did yoo get mah doritos?” And I was like !”FUCKKK I FORGOT THEW DOREEEETOS!” And then he was liek I must devor ur soul and I was leik k.But den the ZKELITON SAED “JK, REKT” then FLUSHED DOWN TOILET. I WAZ HAPPY, Butt scaaaarreedddd. MAH ANOOS!! MAH ANOOS WUZ BELDIN SO BADRY that I had to fget the SPOPY HYPR REEL ZKELLINGTON to take me to HOSPITAL then there were zombies because FUCK LOGIC THIS IS MY CREEPYPASTA! I better not see any ANY GOD DAMN STUPID COMMENTS SAYING “I cri everi tiem”.I WANT MORE ANIME TITTIES I’l fookin bash ur fookin head in. But alas, perhaps another day i shall finger my sister. Onwards to the next dimension. Then, after I shot all the zamboys with my super hypr reel semem transfurrr mashine. I got 2 da doc and he wuz all Y IZ DER A SPOPY HYPR REL ZKELLINGTON and I wuz all leik iunno, I made him and he was all I DUN WANT NO HYPR REEL ZKELLINGTONS UR FIRED and I wuz liek NUUUUU MUH JOB! I’Z NEVA GONNA BE GUD PHARMYCYST!

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