Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

A criminal mastermind, on the loose for ages, was finally captured and locked up in prison. They went to extremes and chopped both his legs off, leaving him a stump of a body.

A few months later, with fingernails revoltingly long, this man picked the lock with his fingernails and escaped.

The very same day, Amanda, a ten year old, was sent to the supermarket by her mother to buy bread, milk and eggs. Sauntering into the full marketplace, she slowly made her way through the isle, locating the three simple ingredients. Paying the mere $6.27, she exited the store and carelessly swung the plastic bag as she started to walk the 4 blocks home. Turning onto a narrow and quiet street, she heard faint noises from behind her.

Claw, claw, drag…

Tossing her hair over her shoulder and examining her surroundings, she found nothing. Carefully turning back around, she quickened her strides in the slightest.

Claw, claw, drag, claw, claw, drag.

Whipping around to the fast-paced sounds, find nothing once more, she clutched food to her chest and took off in a sprint.

Claw, claw, drag, claw, claw, drag, claw, claw, drag.

It sounded like someone lugging their weight down a chalkboard. She reached her front yard and dashed to the front door, yanking it open then slamming it shut and clicking the lock. Amanda leaned against the door and panted for a moment, shaking, then picked up the slightly squished bag of food and went about placing the bread in the pantry and the milk and eggs in the cool fridge.

A frantic bark made her head turn. Charlie, her Jack Russel Terrier, was her most prized and loved possession. Taking a deep breath, she eased the door open and stepped outside.

30 minutes later, Amanda’s mother wondered if she had gotten back yet. Standing up from her computer and shuffling to the kitchen, sure enough, there was the %2, sitting in the fridge. Furrowing her eyebrows, she looked in the child’s bedroom and yelled around the quaint house. Making one last connection, that maybe her daughter was playing with her puppy on the front lawn, she thrust open the front door and let out a piercing scream.

Yes, she had found her daughter and her dog. But, alas, not in the form she’d hoped.

Both dead. Hanging from the old oak tree. Legless.

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