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I went to Burger King to buy a burger, When I unwrapped the paper, I suddenly saw the ketchup was blood. I was like "Fuck it who cares?" and I took a seat and ate the burger whole, I then threw up on a female customer and she did the Are You Fucking Kidding Me? Face, I was worried and then she got up from her seat and walked over to me giving a derp face saying "Hey pretty, you wouldn't want to throw up on a woman would you?" I agreed with her. "Good." She said. "SO THAT MEANS I CAN SUCK UP THE KETCHUP INSIDE YOU!" She lunged at me biting my throat while the other customers cheered "KILL HIM! SUCK HIS KETCHUP OUT OF HIM!" And after that, I became a victim at that KFC place...

So stay away or we'll suck your ketchup...

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